Free Crochet heart pattern for valentines

Love is soon to be in the air and I thought I would join in on this love festivities by writing up the free crochet heart pattern. This crochet heart is the perfect size to attach to my amigurumi critters hands, giving you the option to make an even better handmade valentines day gift. This crochet heart is also great to make for a newborn photography prop, keychain, or even some decorations around the home!

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Let’s get hooking on this free crochet heart pattern.


Crochet hooks, I use these clover grip hook 2.5mm, works wonders if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. You will also need some stitch markers because you will be working in rounds.

Scissors to cut off your loose ends.

Polly fill to stuff your little hearts.

tapestry needle I like the small metal needle for these smaller projects.

Cotton, I used a double knit, light worsted weight cotton yarn. But if you don’t have cotton, any yarn will do. The free crochet heart pattern is a good project to get rid of all those scrap yarns.

If you are new to crochet and you have none of these tools available mentioned above you can purchase this set, Crochet set. It contains all the tools you need and more, plus it has this handy little bag so that you can keep all your things together.

This pattern is easy to follow for even beginners!



No gauge is needed to make this crochet heart…


MC: Magic circle OR Chain 2, 6 SC in second chain from hook

SC: Single crochet (Insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, pull UP a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook)

INC: Increase (two stitches in one stitch)

DEC: Decrease (making two stitches one)

Pattern Explanation:

  • Repeat stitch sequence between (…..) by the amount stated next to it.
  • The pattern is written in US terms
  • The amount of each stitch at end of each round is shown in the […]
  • Working in continuous rounds with your stitch marker

Starting from the bottom:

1: SC 5 in MC [5]

2: SC in each stitch [5]

3: INC x5 [10]

4: (SC, INC) x 5 [15]

5:  SC in each stitch around [15]

6: ( 2 SC, INC) x5 [20]

7: Sc in each stitch around [20]

8: (3 SC, inc) x5 [25]

9: SC in each stitch around [25]

10: (4 Sc, inc) x5 [30]

11: SC in each stitch around [30]

Working on the first half of the hearts top

12: SC in next 15 stitches, skip 15 stitches, Slip stitch and SC in the same stitch, SC next 14 stitches [15]

13-14: SC in each stitch around [15]

15: (SC, Dec) x5 [10]

16: SC in each stitch around [10]

17: Cross weave the opening closed. Take your Polly filler and stuff the first half of the heart and the body of the crochet heart.


18: Chain and SC in next 14 stitch, slip stitch [15]

19: Repeat round 13-16

20: use the back of a pencil to stuff the remaining part of the heart. Cross weave the opening closed and weave in the ends of both halves.

You are all done!!

If you want to make a bear with this free crochet heart pattern you can make my free amigurumi panda bear. How to crochet a baby panda -free pattern. If you are looking for more crochet props to make for a newborn shoot you can get my free amigurumi rabbit pattern here on my blog. How to make a baby bunny – free amigurumi pattern. These two amigurumi patterns are also available in my shop section if you want to support me by purchasing them. RAVELRY and BLOG STORE under the shop section big amigurumi and crochet props.

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