how to market a crochet business

Things you need to know when starting a crochet business

I started Yarn Over by selling crochet items for almost two years and now I’m fully switching to being a designer and blogger.
I was pretty successful at selling finished items and getting constant custom order, so much so that I was fully booked with custom orders for months ahead.

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Where to market your crochet business

I started Yarn Over by setting up a Facebook business page and a Instagram account. Facebook was my main source for marketing my business, but I’m now leaning more towards Instagram and Tiktok for promoting.

When starting your business make sure you set your accounts to a business profile and not a personal profile.
If you are going to start with a Facebook business page, make sure that you link that page EVERYWHERE!
This includes on your personal Facebook page, make sure to have your business page linked in the “Work and Education” section. Do the same with your other platforms like Instagram, website, and Tiktok, so that your clients have easy access to your business.

Also, share photos of your work everywhere! If you crochet hats, make sure you wear them in your profile photos. Join community groups on Facebook and share your work. The fun thing about a crochet business is that you don’t have to be “salesy”. Creating a post with a caption “look at this toy I made for my daughter” or “this weekend I spent time crocheting myself some hats” will work in groups that does not always allow you to sell.

Where should I market my crochet products living in South Africa

Instagram and Pinterest can be difficult platforms to sell your finished products if you are not planning on sending your work all over the world.

The platform where I got the most sales from was Facebook, but now it has been Tiktok. Other places that you can market your products are on platforms like Hello Pretty (Not Affiliate) they are a platform like Etsy, the only difference is that they cater to South Africans.
But it will take a lot of work from you to promote your shop.

Create an email list
Another way to build a customer base is to create an email list. Most Email companies like Mailer lite and Mail chimp offer free starter packs if you’re just starting out and not yet making any sales.
There is a ton of video tutorials on Youtube about email marketing.
Start your own online crochet shop

click to design your own website

I have my hosting and domain with Host Africa (Affiliate link). They have amazing customer support and their pricing is super affordable. They are definitely the company I would recommend time and time again.
I’ve built my platform on WordPress.
Other upcoming websites that are also great to use are Squarespace and Wix.

This is just my personal opinion and as an entrepreneur that started my own crochet business in 2019. a Business has expenses, and the sooner you realize that the more smoothly your business would run. I’ve tried doing it super cheap and free, I ended up being more stressed out and overwhelmed, struggling to get things to work.

Invest in your business by purchasing a domain and hosting from the get-go.

start your own crochet business

Set Boundaries and the word “NO” will not destroy your crochet business

Give yourself enough turnaround time to complete your orders without rushing.
a Good lengthy turnaround time will also give you time to work on things you want to do just for fun. This will help prevent burnout and unnecessary family tension.

Putting limits on how much and what you want to crochet will help you enjoy what you do every day. As soon as you feel that crocheting is overwhelming you, you know that you are doing too much.

Setting limits on how many orders you are willing to take and what you are willing to make may mean saying no sometimes. Trust me, talking from experience it will be worth it in the long run.

Can I sell things I made from a pattern or should I design my own things?

This depends on the pattern you are making and what that designer is limiting you on. Some designers ask not to sell finish makes, especially if it is a free pattern of a Disney character.
Although we can’t stop you from doing so. Most designers allow you to sell the finished items. What is not okay is to share or resell the actual pattern on social media as your own.

We as designers work super hard to create our patterns and to give you the best designs you can ask for. So finished items from our designs are fine, and you will help us stay in business by just linking back to our pattern and/or give the designer the credit for the pattern if someone asked you for it.

maddy the elephant / amigurumi elephant pattern

I have some super cute amigurumi pattern in my shop. You can visit my shop here, or head on over to my Etsy or Ravelry shop.

My advice for starting a crochet business

Do you and find your niche or tribe. You will want to start off with something that you truly enjoy. Pick a project and stick with it.
Having a brand behind your name will help you grow faster in this over-saturated industry. a Brand also creates trust between you and your followers and clients.
There is a saying that goes, “Just because you can crochet anything, doesn’t mean you should crochet everything.”
If you choose a brand you can plan your turnaround time better because you know how long this item will take you to make.
You wouldn’t have to keep on buying new supplies to complete a project. Although you get paid for the supplies you don’t want to end up buying a bunch of tools, you won’t need for the next project.
Don’t compare, we all started at one, even those who went viral, started with one beanie, scarf, or toy. They also started fairs with no sales. I know this is hard to hear and it is sometimes still hard for me to accept.
It is easy to get distracted by others’ fame, their amount of orders, pattern sales, and such.
I often get jealous of designers that sell 1000 patterns a day, where I only get to sell 4 if I’m lucky. It also happened that people got jealous of me for getting a lot of custom orders.

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