How to crochet a cow lovey- Free pattern

Hi, welcome back to yarn over! we are making a brand new cuddler!

I enjoyed making this cute cow cuddler and so excited to share this pattern with you.

Yarn Used

For this project, I used Charity double knit / light worsted weight yarn. I used some leftover yarn from previous projects.

  • Colour A: 20g of pink
  • Colour B: 40g of white
  • Colour C: 30g for horns/hoofs
  • 4ply/embroidery thread black, white for the eyes.


  • Color A: 50g
  • Color B: 50g


What I love about these cute snuggle blankets is that you can make them any size you wish. I make my blankets 48cm/19inches across, you can make them smaller or bigger if you wish to.


You can find the pattern for the Cow head and legs in my shop, Click HERE.

With the paid pattern you receive a PDF file with detailed photos, you also receive premium customer care if you have any questions regarding the pattern.

free crochet pattern for baby cuddler
easy to crochet lovey pattern

This cute bunny lovey is also free on my blog!

Hooks and supplies to make cuddler


4.5mm hook - blanket

3 mm hook - cows head

2.5mm if you crochet eyes

Other items:

  • scissors
  • stuffing
  • stitch marker
  • tapestry needle


Stich terms

  • SC: Singel Crochet
  • INC: INCrease
  • DEC: DECrease
  • SLP: Slip stitch
  • MC: Magic Circle

Pattern explanation

  • Repeat stitch sequence between (.....) by the amount stated next to it.
  • The pattern is written in US terms
  • The amount of each stitch at end of each round is shown in the [...]
  • Working in continuous rounds with your stitch marker
  • Photos are placed in groups after each section.
crochet cow lovey

HEAD of the Cow: 3mm hook

Start at the nose

Colour A:

1: start 6 SC in magic ring [6]

2: (INC) x 6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) rep x6 [18]

4: (2 SC, INC) rep x6 [24]

5: (3 SC, INC) rep x6 [30]

6: (4 SC, INC) rep x6 [36]

7-10: SC in each round [36]


11-13: SC in each round [36]

14: SC in the first 12 stitches {(SC, INC) rep x6} SC in last 12 stitches [42] (leave a stitch marker at the increase side so that you can remember which side the eyes must be added to)

15 - 16: SC in each round [42]

17: (6 SC, INC) rep x6 [48]

18: (7 SC, INC) rep x6 [54]

19 – 21: SC in each round [54]

22: (7 SC, DEC) rep x6 [48]

23: (6 SC, DEC) rep x6 [42]

24: SC in each round [42]

25: (5 SC, DEC) rep x6 [36]

26: (4 SC, DEC) rep x6 [30] – stuff the head

27: (3 SC, DEC) rep x6 [24]

28: (2 SC, DEC) rep x6 [18]

Stuff the head some more

29: (SC, DEC) rep x6 [12]

30: (1SC, DEC) x6 [8]

Slip stitch, leave a strand of yarn so that you can Cross weave opening close.

CROCHET EYES: (make two)

black no8 embroidery thread with 2.5mm hook

1: start 6 SC in magic ring [6]

2: (INC) x 6 [12]

Sew the eyes on between rounds 14-18, 10 stitches apart from each other. Use the same strand of yarn to make a brow above each eye.

Take some white yarn and make a big stitch within

each eye to create a highlight

crochet cow free pattern

EARS: (make two)


1: SC 5 in MC [5]

2: INC x5 [10]

3-4: SC in each stitch [10]

5: (SC, INC) x5 [15]

6-11: SC in each stitch around [15]

Once you have made both ears, leave a strand of yarn to attach the ears to the head. Fold the end of the ear in half and slip knot them together. place the ears between round 23/25, across from the eye.

crochet cow lovey free pattern

HORNS: (make two)


1: SC 4 in MC [4]

2: INC x4 [8]

3-4: SC in each stitch [8]

5: (SC, INC) x4 [12]

6: SC in each stitch around [12]

7: (SC 2, INC) x4 [16]

8: SC in each stitch around [16]

Once you have made the horns, leave a strand of yarn to attach them to the head. sew them just above each ear. stuff the horns a little.


COLOR C: Starting at the hoof

1: start 6 SC in magic ring [6]

2: (INC) rep x 6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) rep x6 [18]

4: (2 SC, INC) rep x6 [24]

5: (3 SC, INC) rep x6 [30]

6: SC in each BLO round [30]

7: (3SC, DEC) x6 [24]

8: (2 SC, DEC) x6 [18]


9: (SC, DEC) x6 [12] Stuff the hoof and continue stuffing the leg as you increase the rows

10-25: SC in each stitch around [12]

Pinch the leg close, slip stitch across the opening, closing it. Sew the legs under the head of the cow on each side, between rounds 15-20

how to crochet a cow


Now that you have finished the cow's head and legs, you can now use any kind of blanket stitch you like to attach to the bottom of the head. I find most of my diagrams on Pinterest.

Here are some links to this cute star blanket I did for this cow lovey

Pinterest STAR diagram

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